Windows Spy

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Windows phones make comparatively smaller segment of the market than Android or iOS devices, yet people also need tools for tracking the activities that are performed on this mobile platform. At the same time, Windows OS is still among the leaders on IT market, so computer monitoring software for this OS is a sought-after stuff. Whether you are worried by the behavior of your kids, or a nervousness of a spouse, or unnatural look of employees peering at their screens – the solution is at hand: windows spy software.

The presented windows phone spy software and its PC counterpart includes all features that make an outstanding competitor in the field. From tracking down lost or stolen device to checking websites visited and emails sent – everything is within your reach if this windows phone tracking app is your assistant.

The only concern is of ethical nature: is it ethical and reasonable to use apps tracking windows phone in possession of spouses or kids? Well, kids are entrusted into your care, so if you feel that something unwanted happens, you have the right to know that. Spouses are adult people, so it is recommended to try and talk to them first. Maybe your worries have no grounds at all. Yet if nothing helps and the tension grows, with these tracking apps peace of mind is guaranteed to you. Follow the instructions and dispose of the collected info responsibly.

Windows Spy Software offers Advanced Features

So what to look for in the really good windows phone spy apps? Literally for as many accessed data sources as possible, and for greater stability and productivity in data transfer. Here’s the top list of functions that the really good app offers you:

  • user-friendly controls and discreetness;
  • screenshots and alarms in case of security breaches;
  • both real time spying and offline data collection;
  • access to microsoft account, emails, key logs, imei number (for phones), websites, apps and activities detected on a target PC;
  • productivity and sites differentiation tools (invaluable for monitoring employees).

This is a basic list of features that are necessary in the app to make it powerful and useful in security and tracking matters. Just remember that apps that have some outstanding features like windows phone gps tracking may lack some other functions, like access to social media logs. GPS tracking makes the lost phone easier to find, or shows where your kids are. Other apps may not have this inbuilt function but allow you to erase your phone content if someone snatches it. So opt for the most optimal set of features and invest in the software wisely.

How does Windows Phone Tracking App work?

The spying trick is simple because apps use already existing equipment like wi-fi or Ethernet module and only need installation of software to start working.

Basically there are two major modes of operation of these apps: apps that work only when internet connection is available and apps that can work offline. The latter are of course more productive as they accumulate spied data when offline and then just send it in a bulk when connection is available. This is the main distinctive feature of cell phone and remote pc spies. The rest is similar – easy installation and setting, fast controls and data retrieval. So opt for the best balance of price and features like in the app presented here.