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StealthGenie used to be a competitive cell phone spyware until 2014. That’s when the CEO of the company was arrested and fined for distributing the app that didn’t meet legal requirements. The software as well as the company’s website are no longer available.  



StealthGenie’s Key Features

Designed for devices operating on iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms, the software offered quite a few valuable features. Similarly to existing monitoring apps, StealthGenie allowed:

  • Call tracking and recording;
  • Reading SMS and email;
  • Accessing users’ multimedia files, address book and calendar;
  • Checking browsing history and accessing bookmarks;
  • Listening to surroundings and recording the sounds;
  • Getting notifications regarding SIM card changes and entering certain key words/phone numbers. This feature is highly valued among parents who want to know if their children communicate with the right people and behave well;
  • Controlling a phone remotely (locking a phone, wiping data and sending other commands from your online account).


GPS Location Monitoring

StealthGenie had a GPS system for real-time location tracking and incorporated a geo-fencing feature to notify parents/employers about the whereabouts of their children and employees.


Parental Control

StealthGenie did not provide blocking capabilities for users. Therefore, it was not possible to restrict calls and block improper content.


Customer Support

Even though the company claimed to provide 24/7 support, there was no contact phone nor official address.


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Price/Quality Correlation

StealthGenie was available for quite a competitive price: $8 – $16/per month, depending on the package. Considering the fact that the app was taken down, users with valid subscriptions just lost their money.


StealthGenie Upsides and Downsides

Parents Side:

The app is put together with close attention to woes of parenting in modern times and encompasses functions that ensure security of children. The app can do everything that other apps cover, yet it also can recover even the erased messages. Alert on safe zone breaking is also built-in. The only weak point is that this app lacks an important protection tool – blocking option for unwanted websites and software downloads.

Employers Side:

the app does allow tracking employees’ activities happening in working hours and its functions are extensive enough to prevent possible abuses in workplace. Yet the phone under surveillance needs to be rooted to let the program run smoothly in all its capacity.


StealthGenie offered many features for parental monitoring, including geo-fencing, call recording and remote control.



Since the app didn’t comply to the legal standards, it undermined the reputation of the company.

According to the reviews from previous customers, StealthGenie used a lot of data, which significantly reduced the battery life. Some features were not available. Furthermore, technical support regarding installation was very poor. Finally, people who wanted to get a refund never got their money back.



As the app is no longer available for download, it is impossible to recommend it. However, if the company decides to bring it back to the market, you can try it unless blocking features and professional customer support are of crucial importance for you.

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