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Spyera is one of the recent spying services which may be perfect for parental or corporate control and allows you to monitor and control the security and privacy issues, calls and other user’s activity of the target phone. This phone spy software has acquired a high rating among users according to the numerous Spyera reviews and it will be an ideal solution for those who want their spying activity be unnoticeable by the phone user and to keep the privacy of the spy’s actions. You will be enabled to get the accurate target spying security info from this high-rating software any time you want.

But despite the high rating of Spyera spying software services in Spyera reviews, there is no option which might help you to provide content security for your children as the application does not perform mobile content filtering or other parental features. But the main target of this software is to control and monitor the device activity and can be really handy for parental care and child security. Each Spyera review and rating highlights the point that clients’ comments reassure that spying services of this phone software are performed in the high-rating way. The only drawback is that these services do not feature live chat or other contacts for full time support and security.

How Spyera operates?

According to the Spyera reviews and other ratings operating features of the Spyera mobile spying software are pretty the same as of other phone and device applications. To begin with, it should be set up on the device you are about to track and this high-rating software is compatible with almost every modern mobile device like Apple devices, Android, Blackberry and Symbian. As soon as the application is installed on the target device the software services are ready to serve, for example, for parental controlling or security purposes. You do not have to worry about the privacy issues as this software conducts its business secretly guaranteeing the security and privacy of the target person and user of the app. It is possible to manage the privacy, security and other features with appliance of the Control Panel of this mobile phone software

Spyera app’s features

However the Spyera mobile application does not feature any filters of the target device content, still in the numerous Spyera reviews it occupies the high points in rating of the mobile spy programs and services. The main reason of such popularity and appreciation among users is the high-rating target mobile device monitoring possibilities. Our Spyera review, like every top-rating Spyera, review will provide you with information about the main spy and privacy features of this software:

Real-time call listening – Spyera application allows user to listen and record calls in real-time from the target device you choose to spy on. The software features the option of the caching and recording of every possible call and informs you with the updating of the spy info with an SMS. No other mobile software performs such services, which makes this app an unreplaceable help in providing parental control and child’s security.

Surrounding spying – from the Spyera reviews you may find out that with Spyera the user has got an opportunity to spy the surrounded situation near the target tracked device. You can keep your privacy condition and still be aware of the surrounded world of the person you are spying on. You are enabled to listen to everything that happens all over the target person by means of the hidden call provided by the application. So you get access to the surrounded information of the target device user. It is a unique features comparing with the other spy software and their ratings.

Copying of the photo and video information – Spyera reviews highlight the feature of saving graphic and audio information from the target device. The Spyera spy software saves all this data in a hidden from the phone user way directly on you Spyera account storage. So you can conduct your parental security duty wherever you get an internet access and keep your privacy.

Live recording of the phone calls – one more crucial point for this software’s obtaining the high ratings in the Spyera reviews is the ability to tape the target outgoing as well as incoming calls instantly. The application we are rating now collects the recorded data and stores it secretly on the tracked phone. With this feature you gain an opportunity to get recorded versions of the calls and even get the access to the phone number of the other speaker without violating your own privacy. It may be useful when you worry about your child security.

Record of the surrounding info – feature of the Spyera remote recording of the surrounding info has brought a big popularity to the spy software among numerous Spyers reviews and ratings in order to conduct spying activity without corrupting your own privacy. The user of the program then will receive the audio files with the info from the surrounding to the account storage.

GPS location data – with Spyera services you are enabled to be aware of the geolocation of the phone you are spying on. This top-rating feature provides you with a real time data via Google maps services. This feature will help carrying parents to track the location of their child or children in order to control their security while keeping their own privacy.

Viewing of the instant messages – Spyera mobile application enables its users to observe the phone user’s activity in the popular in ratings messengers and social networks and keep the received data in the account storage or other place in order to study it if needed in privacy.

Viewing of the SMS activity – as a previously described feature, this one enables the user to monitor the SMS flow of the target mobile phone or device and collect the received data for parental or security purposes.

Viewing of the e-mail activity – the same principle lays in the basis of the e-mail observing feature, and you also are enabled to capture every mail which is coming through the target phone. Moreover, the described in Spyera reviews services can provide you with an access to the erased mail in order to be aware of all the possible phone user’s activities.

Calendar and organizer access – spy software of this developer enables its users to monitor not only calls or messages but the whole memory storage of the target phone with its planers, organizers and so on. According to the Spyera reviews and ratings, you can view the address book info as well. Useful option for parental control in case the kid is lost and his or her security is in danger.

Access to the history of the calls – number, ID, time and duration of the calls – all this info contained by the call history storage can be available for you if you apply top-rating Spyera services.

SIM and web-history monitoring – Spyera services performs qualities of the spy program which enables the user to monitor the web-history of the mobile browser and possible changing of the SIM-card. This feature is highlighted in Spyera reviews and ratings as well.

Multi-device option – if you bought a licensed version of this program, you are empowered to switch the monitoring process to another target device in case it is needed.

Easy and convenient – you can experience all the tempting high-rating features of the Spyera software almost immediately after the installation procedure and start tracking the device and monitoring its content. It is also easy to switch between the various devices and platforms in case you spy on a few children, conducting your parental duty, or have other reasons to do so as it is advised in Spyera reviews.

Remote updated installation and application uninstall – you do not have to worry about the proper app activity on the target phone, as the Spyera services provides such installed versions with a regular upgrades in the remote way. In case you do not need the spy program anymore or you worry about privacy issues, you are empowered to conduct the uninstallation process remotely as well using the options from your Spyera account.

SMS-sending option and app activity capturing – With this program you has got an ability secretly send the text messages from the target phone to anyone and being undetectable at the same time. With this top-rating feature you also may got an access to the application activity monitoring.

Battery management feature – even the battery capacity can be checked with the appliance of this application in order to be sure, for parental purposes, your kid will stay in touch as long as you may need.

What is the price of Spyera?

We instantly advise to acquire the top-rating spy software from the official web-site to be sure you will get the proper version of the application and its performance will be the one you need and it does not violates your privacy while you trying to deal with your parental controlling business. Moreover, there are even more pros of the buying a licensed version from the Spyera site like full time customer supporting services and extra discount offers for limited users or time.
Smart Phone:

  • 3 months – $189;
  • 6 months – $289;
  • 1 year – $389.


  • 3 months – $147;
  • 6 months – $189;
  • 1 year – $249.


  • 3 months – $59;
  • 6 months – $79;
  • 1 year – $99.

All in One:

  • 1 year – $489;
  • 2 years – $689.

Prices for Spyera
WebSite: http://spyera.com/


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