Reverse Phone Lookup: a simple way to identify the caller using Google

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There might be some cases when you receive a call but you cannot tell the caller. If you have an urgent need to find out who the call was from, Google and particular search technique can help you to do so. It is called the reverse phone lookup. In this article we will disclose one of the ways to get the requested information.

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What is reverse phone lookup and how to use Google for tracking the phone number?

Phone number lookup helps to track the origin of the phone call with the appliance of the search engine means. Google provide one of the ways to do free reverse phone number lookup. Earlier it was possible to find a number simply using Google phonebook. But then company starts receiving some complaints from the numbers’ owner, which cause closing free access to the phone data. Still there are some ways for a phone number lookup implementation. Moreover, you can find the requested address as well. Here what you have to do for a reverse number lookup. At first put in the full phone number into the search box. If the phone belongs to the business entity, it will be shown in this reverse directory. In case it is a private number, then you should look up for it in, for example, the social media Google lists. But the required number may not occur in these lists. So it would be useful to learn our next article about some tricks aimed on reverse phone number search online.

Google also is helpful in searching the address of the people you might need. Just put in the person’s name and zip code, for instance, “Amanda Johns 99240”. Usually, this data is enough for Google to display the number, address and even the route using the Google map service. But it is not a universal method as there might be cases when people have removed this data from the public access.

Is reverse phone number search always effective?

The methods of phone number or address lookup previously described in this article may bring results to many users as they are rather simple. But some people may be aware of such ways of revealing private data by Google, so they might close it from public view or search engines. In such cases there is no simple way to get the phone or address information. There are some sites claim to provide you with such data. But in most cases they have access to the same search ways.

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How to protect your own data?

There is a chance some other people use reverse phone methods to find information about you. If you want to remove your phone from the potential public, use Google Phonebook Name Removal to do so. But be aware that not only Google can store such data. So make your own search of the services and sites you may have disclosed you phone number to.

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