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PhoneSheriff security services were designed by the developers of the well-known Mobile Spy program. In spite of its novelty, according to the numerous PhoneSheriff Investigator reviews this software services have become very respectable and loved by the target users like parents who want to spy on their child or children. It is not a challenge to tell the difference between PhoneSheriff Investigator and the conventional PhoneSheriff services as the last mentioned one is like a Mobile Spy in interface and functional features as you were ought to install the services software on the cell phone or other device which was about to be tracked. But the PhoneSheriff Investigator software works as a PC program and differs in the way of its tracking services saving your privacy.

What is PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition?

PhoneSheriff App is a security services for PC that is created to control any of the Apple mobile devices like iPhones, iPods and iPads but do not support Android services. We would like to highlight that this particular software cannot help with the tracking of the other brands and models of, for example, Android devices. As many other PhoneSheriff reviews say, in monitoring Android smartphones and keeping your privacy you can apply conventional version of the PhoneSheriff software. Remarkable security feature of the services according to most of the PhoneSheriff Investigator reviews is that this utility program does not require the jailbreaking of the device first and do not affect the privacy options of the phone and saves user’s own privacy. This feature has already attracted a great deal of users as for the vast majority of people who want or need to apply spying software it is hard or even impossible to jailbreak the cell phone first without violating person’s privacy. PhoneSheriff is good for the children’s mobile phones tracking purposes in order to control their security.
We would like to emphasize next feature you should be familiar with – PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition services are not a mobile app like the ones for Apple or Android so you are not supposed to download it on the target cell phone or change any privacy features. It is a security option for Windows PC or laptop. These services allow you to view the device and its activity with the appliance of the Apple ICloud account, (that is the reason cannot track the Android devices) so the only information you will be asked for the security tracking purposes is the user’s Apple ID and password. Jailbreaking is not necessary as you will not deal with the phone directly but every operation will be conducted on-line on your computer. You can keep your privacy and security. Check out other PhoneSheriff reviews or PhoneSheriff Investigator reviews for more information on the spying application and security and privacy options of its services.


The main requirement of PhoneSheriff services, described in various PhoneSheriff reviews, is the Apple iOS (not Android or any other OS) of the target cell phone, so you will not be enabled to track the phones and devices of other developers like, for example, Android. Acquiring PhoneSheriff, you buy a licensed version of this application for one computer or laptop. But as long as you buy a licensed version of the described software, you are enabled to track and monitor unlimited amount of Apple devices. This feature may be particularly useful for carrying parents in order to watch their children and provide their security or boss in order to track possible inappropriate staff activity while keeping own privacy. To start using the acquired services you should have:

  • Device of Apple production like iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, with iOS 5.0 and higher;
  • The target cell phone should have its backup on iCloud;
  • Login and password information for iCloud signing up;
  • Computer or laptop with Windows Vista, 7 or 8 operation systems (does not support XP OS)
  • Mobile internet access

One more attractive feature is that you are not supposed to make any regular payments while using PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition software. As long as you buy a license of these services you are free to use it for unlimited time and number of devices being tracked (for example, for more than one child or employee).

Monitoring Capabilities

According to the PhoneSheriff reviews, this app has its own specific security, privacy and other features comparing with other spying software available on the today software market, but it has the common features as well. Below there is a list of functions you are enabled to use with PhoneSheriff services:

  • Call logs – call history of the particular phone;
  • SMS – every SMS, sent or received, with all the text or graphic information can be monitored (iMessage can be tracked as well);
  • GPS tracking – you can get the data of the phone geolocation during the latest backup (PhoneSheriff investigator reviews inform that real-time tracking is not available);
  • Contacts – access to the contact information stored on the device;
  • Photo – access to the photos stored on or made with the particular device;
  • Bookmarks – feature available only for Safari browser (no access to the history);
  • Notes – you can view all the notes saved on the phone;

The PhoneSheriff software may differ from similar famous spying programs you may use, but, as it was already mentioned in our PhoneSheriff review, still this software performs unique privacy, security and other features which may be useful for some people. There may be a better range of options like in FlexiSpy and Mobile Spy applications, but these services have undisputable advantage of the absence of necessity to make the jailbreak of the phone you are about to monitor or install any app on it. In case you do not have the direct access to the target phone, PhoneSheriff can serve a great deal for your monitor activity. Cannot be used for monitoring Android devices.

How to Work with PhoneSheriff Investigator?

This program is easy in use and you do not have to be a technician to apply these services. To start monitoring, for example, your child’s activity and security make four simple steps:

  • Making sure that the target device is Apple one (not Android or other) signed up for the iCloud and its active using of this option;
  • Purchasing and installation of PhoneSheriff on you PC;
  • Signing up to iCloud of the target user with the help of his or her ID information;
  • Device info monitoring on your PC.

PhoneSheriff uses iClous, the backup storage for Apple users. You cannot get access to the Android device applying this option. Up to 5 GB of free storage is available there so the Apple users can save the backups and other info there. It is not a difficult task to install iCloud program on the device: you just need to download and install the app and then sign up there as a user. When you will be sure the iCloud is running on the target cell phone, you will be enabled to get access to all the mentioned above information about your child’s security.

But a great number of Apple users already have iCloud on their devices. So in such cases all you need is to know their signing up data to use PhoneSheriff. But if the target phone does not have the installed iCloud app, to monitor this device in future you have to install and then sign up for the iCloud service. Accept the iCloud software you do not have to install any other applications on the target device, so you are not supposed to conduct any illegal activity.

With the iCloud app and a stable Wi-Fi the target cell phone will connect to the service daily and save the particular data into the storage.

The PhoneSheriff Investigator reviews say that the program works in such way: the program imports all the privacy and other data stored in iCloud for the particular account and saves it on your computer. You do not have access to the cell phone directly, but only to the data from the iCloud storage. So there is no chance to get the wished information quickly as the backup is saved usually one time for a day so you will have access to the latest info but not the earliest one. Moreover, you can track the real time location of the cell phone, but only the one the phone had while the latest backup. You cannot get the information about all the locations of the particular cell phone. So, for real time tracking or updates PhoneSheriff is not adopted and you may require separate software for such purposes in order to control your kid’s security.

One more downside of this software is the need of the Apple ID information. That is why PhoneSheriff is used mostly by parents as for them it is easier to get their children’s ID privacy information rather than of other people.

Should You Get PhoneSheriff?

We have tested the PhoneSheriff app and can conclude that it is a dependable service which can be useful option and alternative to the other well-known security software. The company pays a great attention to its reputation so it makes everything to improve their product regularly as well as user experience in general. The absence of the jailbreaking privacy requirement and the user friendliness of the software, PhoneSheriff may be attractive to the carrying parents who want to be aware of their children’s in-phone activity and security in general.

But in case you already have a spying experience and search for more unique and deepest options, we advise you to apply other program. In such situations PhoneSheriff will not satisfy your advanced spying or privacy needs. It is more appropriate for the family usage or a small company or other group of people. PhoneSheriff cannot be compared with other spying software available today that are more diverse and rich in options and features and run remotely via in-phone installed application. PhoneSheriff cannot be proud of the remote appliance or wide range of privacy and other options, but it still can be a decent option for parents if they know their child’s Apple ID data.

As it was mentioned in numerous PhoneSheriff Investigator reviews, the software requires only one payment for the licensed version, which costs $79 and after the acquisition you are enabled to track as many devices as you need. You have an option to check whether there is enough features for you with the free trial version of the program which is available for 7 days and you can monitor up to 10 items. You do not have to provide you credit card or other information while using the trial version.

In conclusion, the PhoneSheriff software performs a limited range of options in comparison with programs with similar purposes, but can be a decent variant for those, who require only a few basic spying features.


To sum up our PhoneSheriff review here some main points of the PhoneSheriff review.

  • Works with Apple production only (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 5 and higher);
  • Do not require the jailbreaking of the target cell phone – runs on the PC or laptop with Windows 7, 8, or Vista OS;
  • iCloud account of the target device required;
  • Apple ID data is safe and will not be sold or given to other parties;
  • Single license payment.


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