How to Spy On a Cell Phone without Even Touching It?

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Jack Sandman knows everything about his daughter’s life even if he is far away. He knows what messages she receives, who calls her and what images she receives. Jack knows it due to one application which allows him to monitor his daughter’s cell phone and receive any information about her virtual life. Jack tracks all calls and messages without even touching his daughter’s smartphone.

The app that Jack uses is Appmia. This software was developed for parents and employers who are looking for methods of monitoring messaging, calls, apps and other activity which people do with their cell phones.

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This program is perfect because it gives you an opportunity to receive any interesting information without touching a targeted cell phone. All data is gathered remotely and sent to your PC, laptop or cell phone. Check that your device has internet connection if you want to get information on time.

This unique application allows you to track almost any activity on a target phone. Parents can check with whom their kids chat, how often they make calls and what applications they use. Besides, you will also receive information about the current GPS location, so you will always know where your kid is. You can also set the so-called alarm words. Every time your kid uses the alarm words in his searches or messages, for example “sex”, “pregnancy”, or “weed”, you will receive an alarm message on your cell phone. So, there is no need to monitor every word that your kid types, but you will be always informed if your kid talks about or shows interest in forbidden things.

Currently the application was downloaded more than 700,000 times and it has already helped thousands of parents and employers to improve their security and the security of their kids.

Appmia activates almost immediately after you install it onto a target device. You will find a wide range of services that will help satisfy all your monitoring needs. You will receive information about everything you want: sms messages, calls, messenger applications, social networks, images and files exchange, visited websites and GPS location. This application is available for Android and Apple devices.

Monitor text messages remotely

Appmia allows you to monitor all text messages remotely. The message you want to see can be viewed from your cell phone, laptop or any other device like tablet or PC which has internet connection. Each message that you receive has the exact data and time when it was delivered. So, you will always know when and at what time your kid calls or sends a message. For parents, it is very important to know with whom their kids communicate because any concerned parent wants to protect his or her child from bad company and bad influence of other people. For employers, it is an excellent way to check the loyalty of their employees and protect confidential information of their company.

Read even deleted messages

Sometimes your kid or employee may be very careful and he or she can delete all messages, call history or browser history. Due to Appmia you can read messages which were deleted. Not a single message will escape from you. This application can show a message that was deleted a month ago or the one that a user sent to trash only yesterday. So, if your kid receives or sends a message and deletes it immediately, the application will still capture it and send to you. A very useful feature especially if your kid or employee tries to hide something from you.

The number of deleted messages that you can read depends on a few factors. One of them is the available memory on a target phone. When somebody deletes a message it still exists on the phone. It is not visible anymore and it takes significantly less memory, but it is still there on the phone. Appmia uses this memory feature to retrieve the deleted messages. However, not all messages can be retrieved. There is specific amount of memory which the phone provides to the deleted information that can be retrieved. Hence, if a user deletes messages often, you will probably not receive a message that was deleted six months ago. Another factor which influences the ability of retrieving the deleted messages is the general memory of the phone. The more memory the phone has, the more deleted information it can store and as a result the more messages can be retrieved.

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Ethical issue

Monitoring other people using their cell phone is the invasion of privacy, even if it is your kids or employees. There are many opinions on this issue and you will find arguments which support this idea and those which are against it.

Monitoring your kids in this way is to show disrespect to their right for private life and is an open demonstration that you don’t trust them. However, parents who start searching for similar applications usually have reasons to do that. As a rule, it is parents who already have faced problems with their kids. Hence, parents want to ensure that it will not repeat again and use such application as a tool of prevention, not control.

Nevertheless, the majority of kids don’t share the parents’ desire to control their life. They view it as an act of invasion into their private life. Kids have their own secrets which don’t bring any danger. However, they would like to keep these things away from their parents because it is something very personal. For example, it might be their feelings or dreams that they don’t want to share with their parents. That’s why when kids protest against spy programs it doesn’t mean that they prove that they do something bad in their life. Sometimes, it is just a piece of private life that they want keep away from parents.

That’s why parents should think carefully before starting using a spy application. It is the moral decision that they have to make and which can either improve or destroy their relationship with their kids.

Cheating Spouses

Spy software is widely spread not only among parents or employers. These applications are often used by people who want to catch their cheating spouse. They work very effectively when a person wants to find with whom their husband or wife chats. Cheating is another reason why monitoring software is so popular and demandable today. It has already helped many couples to find the truth. For some couples it was a relief when they found out that their spouses were faithful to them and all their suspicions had no background. For others, it was less pleasant experience, but it helped them to find the truth and solve their family problems. In any case, spy programs bring lots of benefits to those who want to check the faithfulness of their spouse.

Almost any couple during their marriage has such moments when everything is not ok. Sometimes husbands start paying less attention to their wives or vice versa – husbands notice that their wives spend too much time on social networks. It may lead to ungrounded suspicions which may become the reason of instant quarrels. That’s why spouses make a suggestion that their wife or husband has been cheating on them. However, they don’t have any evidence to prove that.

Today it is much easier to know the truth due to mobile spy programs. Cell phones have become the essential part of life for many people. This small device contains much information about person’s private life and if you get access to it, you can easily find whether your husband or wife cheats on you. So, if you have any doubts concerning your spouse’s faithfulness, you can install a spy program on his or her mobile phone and find the truth. There is no need to make suggestions if you can know the truth for sure.

Should I spy?

That’s the question that many people ask themselves. As a rule the need in spying arises when something goes not as good as they want and spying is the only way to be sure that your kids are in safety or your spouse doesn’t cheat on you. Of course nobody can guarantee that spying will make your life better because sometimes it is better not to know something about people. Nevertheless, if you have a firm decision to find the truth by any means necessary, then you definitely should use a spy program as it is one of the easiest and the most effective methods of monitoring. You should also realize that once you make this decision you should be ready to accept the fact that your kids may turn out not to be as good as you had always thought and your wife or husband has some secrets from you. That’s the decision that you should make on your own and the consequences that will follow after you make this step.

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