How to hack WhatsApp account of others and protect your own: solutions

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Messengers have conquered our mobile phones. One of the most popular mobile apps used for communication is WhatsApp. It can be installed and used on almost every modern device. People use such apps for sharing their photos, videos and thoughts with their friends, relatives and other people. For some reasons people may try to find out how to hack WhatsApp account. Usually such activity is common for concerned parents or for business protection purposes. In this article we try to help to solve this problem as well as provide you with methods to protect your own account.

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Hacking techniques for WhatsApp

There are two common methods of getting access to the app account: MAC spoofing and spy software. Learn the specifications of each method below.

MAC spoofing

In this case you will need to know Media Access Control address of the target phone. Install the spoofing app on your device and change your MAC parameters to the person’s you are about to hack. This trick will make your phone action lake the target one. After this install the messenger and log in with victim’s number. For the next step you will require access to the person’s phone to get the confirmation code. After successful completion of the described actions you need to change your MAC address back in order to prevent some operating system’s damage oth internet connection’s problems. So now you will be able to view the target WhatsApp chat history and other in-app activity of the person you have hacked.

WhatsApp spy software

There a lot of various spying programs and apps available so you can choose the one according to your spying purposes. This hacking technique also requires partial access to the target phone. In some cases you will need to install the app on the target device as well as you own in order to spy WhatsApp activity. You may choose MySpy, Spymaster Pro or any other available app. Follow the instructions on installing and verification of the software. Such mobile apps usually provide user with the ability for spychat.

Now you know how to hack WhatsApp contact and it is up to you which technique to choose. Moreover, there are various apps that would be useful for those who want to find out how to hack someone’s phone number.

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What to do in order to protect you phone from spying?

Spying software can help carrying parents, who want to make sure their children are not involved in some inappropriate activity. Some companies may imply such methods in order to prevent disclosing strategically important data via employees’ WhatsApp accounts. But if you do not want your phone to be hacked for some other reasons here some advice:

  • install only trustworthy software;
  • use antivirus services;
  • turn on lock screen features on your device.

Such simple tips will not guarantee the full protection of your phone, but they definitely will help to minimize the risks of being hacked.

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