How to Choose Mobile Spy Program?

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Today we have a great variety of different gadgets and technologies. They make our lives easier and help us to be closer to each other. Mobile phones help us to always stay in touch with our friends and relatives and always be aware that our kids are in safety. Nevertheless, the opportunities that we receive due to modern technologies cannot always satisfy all our needs.

Sometimes we need more and search for ways to be totally calm about our loved ones. For this reason was created a mobile spy application whose goal is to monitor kids’ activity and help parents protect their children from influence of bad company. This application is also used for business needs, when employer wants to protect the company’s confidential information from unreliable employees. That was the main purpose of mobile spy software. However, it is also often used by couples or married people who suspect that their partner is cheating on them.

Whatever goal you want to satisfy with a mobile spy application, it will be important for you to know 7 tips about mobile spy programs. They will make it easier for you to use spy software and help to avoid some challenges and problems that you may face.

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Your goal should be clear when you use spy software.

If you are not sure what purpose you need spy software for, you can’t choose the proper features that will fully satisfy this goal. Today there are a few leaders of spy applications in the market. They look similar because they offer almost the same features. However, there is a slight difference between them. Some features are different, some are included only in an advanced package. You should learn about all company’s features carefully before making the final decision because you may find the same features offered by another company for a lower price. Besides, each company tries to provide at least a few unique features which cannot be found anywhere else. For example, you want to track GPS location and it is the only feature that you need. So, you need to find spy software which can provide information about GPS location in real time because other spy programs may give only history of GPS locations during a day without real time tracking. That’s why you need to set a clear goal and choose a program which can satisfy this goal in full extend.

Use spy software legally

Spying on somebody is illegal and it is forbidden by law because it means the invasion of somebody’s privacy. Hence, you cannot spy on your colleague, group mate or a person you like. It would be illegal and if it will be discovered, you may have very serious problems. There are a few exceptions which allow you to spy on somebody’s cell phone. First, if you install spy program on your kids’ phone. It is ok to do it for parents because they have a right to control their children’s lives. Of course, your kids may be against it and they will be certainly very mad at you, but if you really want to guarantee their safety it is an effective measure of protection. Second legal way of usage monitoring software is for business needs. An employer is entitled to install spy programs onto the company’s gadgets because it is their property. The company often informs their employees that their gadgets are being monitored. Moreover, there is nothing illegal in spying on employees’ gadgets because there should only be business information. The usage of company’s gadgets for personal needs is usually not allowed. Thus, if you decide to use mobile spy software you should have legal background for it, you cannot do it just for fun.

Check the phone after the program is installed

To make certain that your monitoring of a cell phone is secret, check to see that there are no icons or installed files visible. In other case, you will lose one of the major benefits of spy software – stealth effect. If your kids find out that you are monitoring their phones, they will discover a way to hide some information from you or block your spy software partially, so that you will lose the ability to monitor some applications.

Make sure that nobody can login into your account

After you have purchased a program and received a link, you have to complete installation process. You will be asked to create your account in order to do it. It is a mandatory feature because it allows you to obtain control over a target phone. Make sure that nobody knows that you use spy program and what login and password you have. In other case, your monitoring will not be in secret anymore.

Modify your settings

Mobile spy programs give you an extensive range of features. Try to configure your settings in accordance to your needs. For example, you want to ensure that your kid doesn’t have adult chat with peers. You can set alarm words such as “sex” and when this word appears during chatting you will receive a notification. You can set any other word you want; everything depends on your needs. It will make monitoring process significantly easier since you don’t have to check every message that your kid sends or receives during a day.

Know when to stop

You cannot use monitoring software solely for entertainment. You should have a very important goal to do that. So, if you start monitoring activity, you should decide exactly what you want to learn using this software. For example, you want to know whether your kid is not in bad company. It doesn’t take much time to find the truth. If your kid is in troubles, you will know about it within the first few days. However, if your kid doesn’t keep secrets from you, there is no need to spy on him or her anymore and you need to stop. Don’t use a spy program if you have already got what you wanted.

Choose spy software properly

Today you can find many spy programs that promise you to receive total control over a target phone. Some of them are expensive, others are cheap. Sometimes you need to pay regular fees, while other companies offer onetime payment. You need to analyze all available companies carefully before making the final decision. You should also bare in mind that there are many scam companies which offer incredibly low prices for the same features that cost in average twice or three times more. That’s why you should carry out a small investigation which will help you to define whether it is worth to use the services of a certain mobile spy company. Here is what you should do:

  • Visit the company website. Does information that you read in the ad corresponds to the information that you find on their official website? Are the prices the same as it was mentioned and all features are included?
  • The majority of websites have customer support. Send them a message and check when they will answer you. As a rule, the answer should be within a day or at least the next day. If you don’t receive the answer during a few days, it is a good idea to skip this company.
  • Compare the prices and a list of features with offers from other spy companies. Usually, the reliable companies have almost the same prices for their services. The difference is in the features that they provide. For example, one spy company doesn’t have a GPS location feature, while another company doesn’t provide surroundings recording feature. The price on packages in different companies will be slightly different. However, if you find a company which offers twice lower prices on the same features, there is a high possibility that it is a scam company. None of the trustworthy companies would reduce the prices so much because it would be unprofitable.
  • Read feedback. Some of the comments can be faked. That’s why it is better to find feedback on some neutral websites which have no gain in a company’s promotion. You should also understand how to differentiate a comment written by a real person from a comment written by a fake. Real comment will not consist of only a few words or a couple of sentences. When a person decides to leave a comment about a product, it means that he or she has something to say. So, you will get a full detailed story why a certain product is good or bad or both. Fake comments usually say that “it is good and you should buy it” or “it is bad, don’t buy it”. The goal of such comment is to pursue you to make a positive or a negative decision concerning a product.
  • Use a trial version. Almost all spy programs have a trial version. Some offer 2 days, others up to a week. Don’t purchase a spy program which doesn’t have a trial version. You should always check how it works in practice and whether all features really work as it is described on the website.

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