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What we liked: No jailbreak and no direct access required to monitor the device. Excellent iPhone and iPad compatibility. Live customer support and a lifetime of free upgrades.

What we didn’t like: The geo-fencing feature is missing, which means parents will have no way of knowing if their child stepped out of a given zone.

Ultimately: Highster Mobile phone software is a powerful tool full of useful features that you get for just $69 with no future payments.

Like with any other of the Highster Mobile reviews that came before, let’s start with a short overview of this cell phone monitor program. Highstermobile.com is a program designed for cell spying and monitoring mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets, of the people you care about, be it your family members, loved ones, or even employees. Thanks to the No-Jailbreak feature Highster Mobile delivers outstanding compatibility with any Android or Apple device, whether it’s cell phones or tablets.

Studying a couple of Highster Mobile reviews is an essential step for anyone who is thinking about committing to one of the spying apps. No matter what you’re looking for in a monitoring program, the cell spying app you finally go for should deliver the desired functionality. The reliability of the software is very important as well, as you don’t want the app to crash constantly. That is why checking out Highster Mobile reviews, including this one, will let you know whether a particular app is worthy of your attention, or you’ll be better off finding another option. Among the reasons we recommend Highster mobile app to new users in particular is that the cell phone spy software offers comprehensive customer support that can be very helpful whenever you run into difficulties using the program. Pair that with a reasonable one-time fee for using the app, and you’ll see why Highster mobile is one of the most popular apps today.

How does Highster work on Apple devices?

In the past monitoring iOS devices like iPhones and iPads wasn’t easy at all, but with the development of spying apps users have received wide opportunities for choosing the right monitoring program. Highster Mobile has lots of competitors nowadays, but a few essential features make it a top choice for both new and experienced users. In general, Highster Mobile is faster, more stable, and richer in functionality, compared to similarly advertised and priced products on the market.

One of the most remarkable features available to Highster users is the no-jailbreak option, which is still a rarity among the competing apps. Thanks to the flawless implementation of this feature, you no longer need to jailbreak the target device before you’re able to spy on it. Without interfering with the iPhone’s software and operating system at all, you can gain access to a whole variety of useful features, including:

  • Calls: listen to and record calls live to study them later.
  • Messages: track both SMS and iMessages sent to and from the device, complete with a timestamp and number.
  • Email: browse emails sent and received with the help of the device, together with addresses and timestamps.
  • GPS tracking: monitor the complete list of locations the device has been to recently.
  • Browser history: find out which websites have been visited with the help of the device.
  • Social media: track the activity in the most popular social media and chatting apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Media: gain access to every photo and video taken by the device or sent to it from other devices.

This range of features is just an example of what you’ll be able when you use highstermobile.co app with an Apple device – in reality you will be able to monitor every tiny bit of activity happening on the target phone or tablet.

  • Supported devices: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S Plus.
  • Supported iOS versions: every iOS version to date is compatible with the app.

Highster Pros and Cons

For parents:

it is a comparatively powerful app with majority of required features to let parents sleep quietly every night without worrying about beloved offsprings. Yet the cell monitoring app shows a serious lag in competition with other similar monitoring solutions in that it does not feature geo-fencing service, goes without alert setting options and does not cover all spectrum of social media that need parental surveillance.

For employers:

it is naturally a good bargain on the market as it is paid for only once, no hidden costs attached. Yet the downside of the app can be disappointing: it is not created to be perfectly invisible on the target phone. So the chances to monitor employees discreetly and find out their unwanted work-time activities are bitterly low.

How to get Highster Mobile?

If you’ve come to this Highster Mobile review to find out how to get started with the program, we have a few tips for you. Generally, you download the program using the over-the-air link, which means you do not require to physically connect the device to the computer. Overall, the installation process won’t take you more than a few minutes. Once the app is fully downloaded, it starts collecting the data, which you can later access through your computer or mobile device. You’ll never need physical access to the target device once it’s already connected!

Highster Mobile spy reviews for Android

If you’re planning to monitor an Android device, than Highster Mobile is also an excellent choice. We’ve tested numerous Android spying apps, but nearly every one of them does not reach the level of functionality, reliability, and usability offered by HM. The download and installation process is similar with iOS devices – download the app and start immediately tracking information on the target device. At the moment, all versions of Android OS and all types of devices are supported. Here are some of the features you get with Highster Mobile for Android:

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  • Calls: sell spying feature allows you to listen to and record both sides of phone calls; check call history with numbers, timestamps, and call duration.
  • Text messages: read inbox and outbox messages, including the ones that have been already deleted.
  • GPS location: track the whereabouts of the target device within a 50ft range.
  • Emails: read any email sent to or from the device.
  • Multimedia files: access the photos and videos stored on the target device.
  • Web history: learn which websites have been visited and when.
  • Chat apps: monitor the user’s activity in Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, and other apps.
  • Listen to surroundings: find out what’s going on around the device at any given time.
  • Lock phone: remotely lock the device in case it gets stolen or lost.
  • Hands free uninstall: whenever you don’t need the app anymore, uninstall it remotely.

Customer support

Whether you are a novice or an experienced spying app user, getting comprehensive and timely help is an important component of being satisfied with the program, which is why we can’t finish a Highster Mobile overview without mentioning their outstanding customer support. You can get your questions answered promptly and professionally by dialing a 800 number and talking to live representatives of the Highster cell phone monitor customer support. Highster Mobile free customer support is a big advantage over the competitors.

Another big advantage of HM, in our opinion, is their pricing model, which only includes a one-time fee of $69. No monthly fee is a great thing for people who are tired of getting billed every month after they’ve already paid for similar software from another company. Pay just once and continue using the program for as long as you need – what else could a user possibly wish for?
Android: $69,99+Extended Download Warranty $29,99+Premium Support Package $129,97 = $129,97
Prices for Highster Mobile Android

iPhone: $69,99+Extended Download Warranty $29,99+Premium Support Package $129,97 = $129,97
Prices for Highster Mobile IPhone

One more major advantage of going for Highster Mobile instead of another app is that the company offers free lifetime updates after you’ve paid for the program just once. We also need to mention that their approach to customers is extremely relatable: we’ve heard of cases where users have accidentally activated their license on a wrong device, and the customer support was more than happy to reset the license key and let the user activate it once again on the needed device. Add that to the affordable fee of $69, and you’ll realize why HM cell monitoring is one of the best programs you can go for in the today’s market.

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Is Highster Mobile worth it?

The bottom line of our review is this: if you need a reliable and highly functional app for monitoring either Apple or Android device, including cell phones and tablets, Highster Mobile should be one of your top choices. This software lets you effortlessly gather information from the device and get a complete picture of the activity on the given phone, like call records, text messages, emails, media files chatting apps, GPS location, and lots of other essential pieces of data. One of the rarest features offered by HM is its ability to extract text messages that have already been deleted from the device, even if it happened a year or so ago. Given this endless range of functionality, easy download and installation, affordable pricing model, no extra fees, and excellent customer support, we don’t see a single reason to not choose Highster Mobile.

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