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This eScan review contains a description in details of all the option offered by the application for Android. Devices based on Android OS are the most used portable gadgets in the world. Your device can get infected by viruses anytime when installing suspicious applications. Protecting your portable gadget is an important task. Here are described the beneficial and negative features of the eScan Mobile Security. Hopefully, this eScan review will assist in making your choice.

Both eScan pro version or regular one are available. Your choice depends much on your needs.

Like any mobile application, eScan Mobile Security possesses a number if positive and negative features.

To the positive ones belong:

  • – User-friendly application tailored for providing securing of Android mobile devices;
  • – The language range contains most widely used languages: including English, German, French, Russian, etc.;
  • – Client support operates excellent always doing their best in solving customer’s issues;
  • – The application offers progressive security functions.

The list of the negative features would only include its price. However, considering the vast variety of options it will provide you, one can say it is worth it.

What does eScan Mobile Security do with Android device?

The app gives a full protection of a mobile device against cyber threads, both known and new that appear every day. You will have a continuous operation without any violations. All your data will remain protected if someone steals your gadget or you lose it. In such situation you are opt to using a location tracking function, and even switch on the alarm. If such situation happens, your actions should be sending via SMS to your lost phone a special command (block, locate, wipe data, raise the alarm). For doing it you can use any other phone. After two hollow attempts of unlocking the device the lock watch function will use a front camera to make a shot and direct it to the indicated email address. You will be immediately notified in case of change of the SIM card.

Should you happen to be in extreme circumstances, you are able to send a SOS SMS to your designated person by shaking your phone for several times, or several times pushing the power button.

For parents the application has a function of parent control. If your kids sometimes use your portable device to browse internet, with this function you can add supplementary protection on your device to avoid opening unwanted websites and block the download of unwanted programs.

What will using eScan Security give me?

The application’s best advantage is that the customer will receive everything and even more from protecting their mobile devices. For most complete security service the app will offer you the following features:

Anti-theft function will enable you to block your device at distance, watch the SIM card, delete the information on your gadget and even define its location.

With the app antivirus your gadget will be fully protected against numerous cyber infections in real time mode.

You can add phone numbers to Black and White lists for filtering incoming calls and SMS using Call and SMS Filter option:

  • Backup option: you can make a duplicate of your contacts and SMS on the memory card;
  • Option of parent control will allow limit your children’s access to unwanted sources;
  • Privacy Advisor shows the full list if applications used by your tablet or smartphone;
  • With the App Control you can limit access to application and open it to some you select;
  • Personal Security: in emergency situation the app will be sending a SOS message with the indication of the location of the gadget to the designated mobile number;
  • Via the Lock Watch, someone trying to unlock the gadget, will be captured by the front camera;
  • You can forward the app of eScan Mobile Security to others’ devices via Bluetooth;
  • eScan Widget will provide you the complete data about scanning, updating, incoming and outcoming information, etc, and allows making the most of the features;
  • You can program the examination of your device through Scheduled Scanning;
  • Round-the-clock online customer support will assist you in soling any arising issues;
  • The application is available in 11 most spoken languages.

What is the installation procedure?

Downloading it from Play Store is one option.
Another one is downloading.apk file with the app using this link Once downloaded, save it and click it to start installation.

Activating the license

When buying the eScan app, to make it active you will have to insert your valid key. After the purchase the key will enclosed in an email sent to your address. Keys are usually included in the packages. You can activate your application through SMS or email, or directly from your device when you start it for the first time. The eScan also provides Free Trial version free for use during two weeks. Price is $61.95 for year.
Prices for eScan

When you start using your eScan application the Administrator settings need to be set up. These options include erasing the info saved on your device, changing the password for unlocking your screen, password rules, etc.

Secret Code

Once the eScan pro is installed, and the eScam mobile security is activated, during your first time to launch the app you will notice the password setting feature that consists of 4-16 digits which will provide you with further flawless use of your gadget.

Sometimes we do forget the passwords, so this application provides a feature of recovering your secret code by inserting the email address you designated during the registration. The recovery code will arrive to your electronic address.

Antivirus and Block against cyber infections

This feature will insure your Android device against different infection that it may contact while working on line. It will conduct a quality scanning in real time mode whether it is Full, Folder or Memory Scan. If you press Update, the app will find most current versions and install them automatically.

Parent Control and web filter

If you prefer your children to see safe content in the web, you are apt to creating a list of unwanted websites or applications you prefer to block.
To set the Parent Control feature open eScan Mobile Security interface, find and tap the necessary feature to see the dropdown menu. Next, you will see more options: Mode, Blocked applications and Block websites. You are to tap the Mode and proceed to its submenu. A popup window will appear before you to set the filters you wish.

Blocking of Applications

With this option you are apt to blocking undesirable software on your portable device.

To turn the function on make the following: choose Parent Control Menu where tap on Mode. You will be offered two modes to choose among – Application or Both. If you select Block Applications the program will present you all the software downloaded to your device. You can tap on any of them to block or allow. You can also choose the option to fill the Exclusion list with your unwanted apps.

Call/SMS filter

Once Scan pro or its regular version was installed, you can adjust this convenient feature. It allows filtering all the phone calls or SMS by putting them to Black or White list. The same can be done to phone numbers, phrases and words.

To enable this feature. Tap Call/SMS filter menu on the interface of eScan Mobile Security. Several sub-menus will appear before you, tap the Mode. In the appearing Call/SMS menu choose if you want to block some of the phone numbers or SMS by putting them into Black list, or allow calls/SMS from certain contacts in your White list.
To look through the number of calls/SMS done by your blocked contacts, process to Call/SMS filter menu where tap Additional section. In this unit tap Event Log and you get directed to the data you want to see.


This eScan review also contains information about additional protection for your private data if your portable devices gets lost or stolen one day. Enabling the Anti-theft function you will advocate the device from outside access.

When you send a special command to your device in SMS the Block feature will limit its operation activity.

Data Wipe is deleting all the information you store in your gadget.

SIM Watch send you an SMS notification should the SIM card in your device be changed.

Lock Watch feature will be taking a shot of someone trying to unlock your gadget.

Scream turns on the alarm on your device via an SMS command.

Personal security

This function allows you indicting the name of the individual you can trust who will receive the SOS message should the emergency situation occur. This menu contains the options to fix the emergency case settings.

Bottom line

This eScan review contains a bias and detailed information about the possibilities of the eScan Mobile Security. The program is actually worth attention. It provides the user with a quantity of helpful options that will promote keeping the mobile device secure and safe. It will only take 8 MB of the space in your device so there will be enough rooms left for other content. This eScan review proves that the app will give your Android device a high quality protection.

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