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Veriato (former SpectorPro) is a company specializing in monitoring software development for personal and business use since 1998. eBlaster Mobile was one of its products, offering cell phone tracking capabilities. Unfortunately, the company decided to discontinue eBlaster support, so the app is not available for download anymore.



Features and Compatibility

Originally, eBlaster Mobile was designed for BlackBerry and Android-based smartphones. In fact, the app worked well only with Android devices. Customers could monitor dialed/received call logs, read sent/received SMS and access URL history. The app sent activity reports to customers’ email address every hour/ few hours. Operating in stealth mode, eBlaster Mobile allowed users to change some settings of the monitoring phone remotely and block certain web content.


Location Tracking Capability

The app offered a basic GPS tracking feature, so parents could make sure that their children are safe and stay away from dangerous areas.


Blocking Capability

eBlaster Mobile offered limited blocking capabilities. Users could block some undesirable websites, according to their preferences. For instance, it was possible to restrict any web content related to alcohol, nudity or tobacco.

However, the app didn’t provide a time-restriction option allowing parents to set limits for browsing the Internet and using the smartphone.


Customer Support

The company offered 24/7 support via Live Chat and phone. However, the quality of technical support is poor as requests are handled slowly.


Price/Quality Correlation

The price of an annual subscription was $69.95, which was a bit overpriced as the app provided only basic features.


eBlaster Mobile’s Positive Features

The application provided basic tracking and blocking capabilities for parental monitoring.


Negative Features

The disadvantages of eBlaster Mobile:

  • No access to calendar/agenda/phonebook book/ web bookmarks;
  • No keyword and SIM change alerts;
  • No remote data wipe feature;
  • Not compatible with iPhone and Blackberry.



eBlaster Mobile was a basic cell phone monitoring app. It provided a limited set of blocking and tracking options for Android based phones. Therefore, it was suitable for undemanding parents, who needed just basic info about their kids’ activities. In terms of price, eBlaster Mobile was slightly overpriced, as it didn’t provide any advanced spy capabilities nor professional customer support.

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