Can Anybody Spy on Me Using My Cell Phone?

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Today there are many people who are still skeptical about an opportunity to spy on somebody via his or her cell phone. They believe that it sounds like a scenario from a spy film and such programs don’t exist in reality or at least they are not available to average people. Some analogues of software which allows to monitor others smartphones exist, but they are not as good as they are described and many of their functions are exaggerated. Those who don’t believe in an effective spy program state that it is a marketing trick that companies use to attract attention of users. However, when you install the program, you will see that it is far from being as good as the developers tried to ensure you and you will not receive the tools of a spy agent.

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Barbara was one of those skeptical people who didn’t believe that cell phone can be monitored effectively. “I heard that some parents install such programs onto their kids’ cell phones. It was some kind of parental control. However, it was impossible to do it secretly because the icon of an app appeared and the kid saw it. Besides, this program doesn’t work perfectly and its best function was monitoring current GPS location. So, it was just the method of tracking your kid’s geo-position and it had nothing in common with spy activity”.  Barbara was sure that all spy programs are the same and she has no reasons to worry about her cell phone and private life till once she found out that her ex-boyfriend was spying on her. “I don’t know where he bought this software, but he could monitor my every step. He could read my sms, record my phone calls, check my browser history and even take photos using my cell phone camera and record the surrounds using microphone of my smartphone. I would never believe that it was possible!”

The program that Barbara’s ex-boyfriend used to spy on her is called PhoneSheriff. We decided to check whether it really works so good and made our investigation of this program. We installed this software onto our coworker’s cell phone. When the installation process was over we were really impressed by the opportunities we got. We could read not only sms messages, but also all messages that our colleague sent via Viber, Skype, iMessage or any other messaging service. We received total control over data on her cell phone. We could view any files we wanted including photos and send them to another cell phone. We also could record surroundings and hear everything that was happening near the cell phone. Some of you may be really shocked that such spying opportunities exist and are available to an average citizen because the program costs only 70 dollars per month. It is not a big sum of money for the ability to monitor every step of a cell phone’s owner.

Can This Software Be Installed Remotely onto My Cell Phone?

The answer is yes, it can be installed onto your smartphone without even touching it. We know that it sounds really weird because it contradicts our civil rights and seems illegal. However, you should understand that the initial goal of this program was not spying on ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. It was created to help parents to control their children and to protect them from bad company. Another purpose of this software was to help businesses protect their confidential data and ensure that their employees don’t work with competitors. In both cases, this program was absolutely legal. Parents have a right to install programs of this type onto their kids’ gadgets, while employer informs employees about spy programs and the latter should give their permission. If an employee refuses, the company will not hire him or her because the program is installed only on a corporate cell phone and if you are an honest employee, there is nothing for you to hide. Nevertheless, as it often happens, the program started being used not only for good reason, but also by those people who wanted to spy on their wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or even some strangers.

From our investigation we found out that this software can be really installed without accessing a target cell phone. You don’t even need to jailbreak an iPhone to use this program. This app creates a remote connection with a target smartphone and once the connection is successfully installed, you receive full access to all features that we described in this article from reading messages to recording the surroundings.

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How to Know That Your Cell Phone Is Monitored?

If you think that somebody is spying on you through your cell phone, but you don’t know for sure whether it is truth, there are three simple rules which will help to detect it. The first sign of spying is that your battery is constantly low. You charge the phone in the morning and the battery is full. You visit some social networks to check messages and read some posts and spend only 10 or 15 minutes there. Later you make a few short calls and find out that by the afternoon your battery is almost discharged. It is really suspicious because it is impossible that the battery could discharge so fast when you don’t even use your smartphone that much during the day. You may think that your battery is bad, you can buy a new one, but it will work the same. Besides, your new cell phone may be a new one you have bought recently. It is a brand model and it simply cannot discharge so fast. If you face such situation, there is a high risk that your cell phone activity is being monitored.

Another suspicious thing that may indicate that your cell phone has spy programs is shut down issues. Of course, there might be some problems with an app and that’s why it shuts down, though you didn’t give such command. However, it can also be a sign that there is spy software installed on your device.

The third suspicious thing that may happen with your cell phone is a huge phone bill. You cannot understand why you should pay so much for your cell phone this month if you have been using your device as usually, but you have to pay twice more.

Of course, all these signs only serve as suspicions, but not as facts that your smartphone is being monitored. Your battery may actually discharge fast and your app may not work properly. Your bill can be higher this month because there were some changes in your calling plan which you missed. All those things can really happen and they happen in everyday life. However, when you understand that they happen all together and almost at the same time, it seems very suspicious and in this case it can be really a sign that somebody is spying on you.

How to Install Spy Program and How to Prevent Spying

There are two ways that allow installing spy program onto a target device. The first way is the physical contact. You need to receive access to the cell phone if you want to install spy software. This method is a bit complicated because many people use passwords on their cell phones. So, you need first to get the password. Fortunately, there are many advices in the internet that will help you to do that. After you get access to the cell phone, you upload the app onto the phone. It will not take much time, but make sure that your husband or wife will not enter the room while you are doing it. If he or she sees you doing something with his or her smartphone you’ll definitely have a quarrel, especially if you suspect your partner in cheating.

Another method of installation is safer and less risky. You can install a spy application remotely. For example you can send a photo or a picture that will contain a hidden link to an app. Once a person clicks on it, the program will be uploaded to his or her smartphone and automatically installed. Your husband or wife will not even know about it. The same principle is used by malware.

So, let’s quickly check what you can do to protect your phone from spying. First and foremost, set a password on your cell phone if you haven’t done it yet. It will significantly decrease chances to catch a spy app. Second, don’t leave your phone without attention and don’t let other people use it in your absence. Third, install a spy-detecting application. This program may cost some money for you, but they are definitely worth paying to keep your private life in secret. The last advice is not to click on links or web addresses which seem strange to you. Pay attention to the link’s address, it will help you to avoid installation of unwanted applications onto your mobile phone. That’s only a few simple pieces of advice on how you can protect your cell phone from spy software, but if you follow them, the chances to install a spy app onto your device significantly decrease.

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