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The Android OS is the open-source mobile operating system owned by Google. It powers every Android device known to man – phones, tablets, wristwatches, televisions, and even cars. Because it’s open-source, developers can customize the software or extend what it can do through apps (applications). Apps “enable” your Android device. For example, there are music streaming apps if you fancy listening in to some live musical concerts; or health apps if you want to keep fit and trim. There are millions of apps for Android in the Google Play Store.

So, how many apps for Android would you want to download on your device? What kinds of apps would you download? We will give you all the information you need to inform your choices in this review.

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Get Anything Done With Apps For Android

There are 3.5 million apps for Android, grouped into several broad categories, in the Google Play Store. That means there is the right app or the right group of apps to help transform your device into anything you want it to be.

Browser apps like the Brave Privacy Browser and Tor enable your devices to connect safely and anonymously to the web, while communication apps like Duolingo and Google Translate help you to learn and converse in a second language. And if you want to kick off your shoes and relax, binge-watching that favorite TV show of yours, there are video streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu.

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Are All Apps For Android Safe?

Not all apps for Android are safe. Remember that the Android operating system is open-source, and so developers of all shades and intentions can create apps that help them achieve their desired lawful or unlawful goals. For instance, a criminally-minded developer can create an app that captures users’ financial information from their devices into a database. The developer can, in turn, sell the data on the dark web. In the light of this, what can you do to ensure that you download only safe apps for Android on your device?

Avoid downloading third-party apps. Download apps only from the Google Play Store. Do a thorough check on every app you intend to download. What year was the app published? Is the developer tried and trusted? Read up the app reviews in the Google Play Store. Are the app reviews real or doctored? Are there more positive than negative reviews of the app? Also, check the app permissions to see what data the app can access. It’s a red flag if the app requires unnecessary permissions. For example, a flashlight app has no business requesting access to your contacts or location. Lastly, install a trusted antivirus on your device to catch viruses, trojan horses, and malware before any app installs.

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Our Top Six Apps For Android Recommendation

How easy is it to find and download useful apps for Android on your device? Not very easy, considering that there are 3.5 million apps out there in the Google Play Store. You can start with our top six apps for Android recommendation. Some of the apps are free to download, while others require that you make payment. For productivity, we suggest Google Drive and Evernote. Google Drive is your office on-the-go. With Google Drive, you can create, store and edit files anywhere from your device. Evernote will help you capture information on the move. It is also a great task management tool. For entertainment, we suggest Netflix and Spotify. Netflix is renowned for its library of original video content, while Spotify offers subscribers crystal-clear music content. Finally, for privacy and protection, we recommend NordVPN and Dashlane. NordVPN will hide your IP address from Adware and make you completely anonymous when connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Dashlane is one of the best password managers out there.

3.5 million apps for Android is a lot of apps to review in a single article, but we hope we have given you a “lay of the land.” Remember, we have lots more phone tracking reviews here that you can catch up on, so please do come back reading now and then.

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